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Weight training is very important when it comes to health, but a healthy body is not one dimensional, it is multi faceted and is able to express strength, stability, and mobility in many different angles, planes of motion, resistance, and speeds. My main goal is to get you results for your own goals and to educate you on how to apply resistance training to have the best carry over for life.  Lets be intentional with our time and effort. 

Strength Training – Directly correlated with a decrease in mortality rate. This positive impact increases vastly as we get over the age of 65. Teaches our body to work as a unit and produce maximum force. Strengthens tendons, ligaments, and bones. A strong body is more resilient against injury.


Power Training – Directly correlated with a decrease in mortality rate. Teaches our body to produce maximum output over a short period of time and absorb large impact forces (running/sprinting). Helps strengthen our tendons elastic capacity, ligaments, and bones. 


Muscle Building – Training more focused on maximizing muscle growth. Bigger muscles increases our potential to produce and absorb more force, mitigating injury risk. 


Weight Loss – Increasing activity level by training in the gym will burn more calories, while also working towards all the health and performance benefits that resistance training has to offer. Muscle is metabolically demanding, meaning it takes energy to maintain muscle at rest. Increasing muscle mass helps us burn more calories at rest to aid with weight loss. Our basal metabolic rate is the way we burn the most of our calories throughout a day.

General or Specific Conditioning - Heart health, lung health and increasing our bodies capacity to do work over a longer period of time.

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